Second Beach, Calvert Island, Hakai, Winter
Thistle, Port Alice, Fiord
Trident, Forest, Tofino, Florencia Bay, Long Beach, Vancouver Island
Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island
Telegraph Cove, Boardwalk, Vancouver Island
"Little Huston Cave Park"
Beach, Medusa, North Coast Trail
Driftwood, Long Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island
Calvert Island, Hakai, West Beach
Wet Coast, Calvert Island, Hakai
Driftwood, Beach, Calvert Island, Hakai
Pollicipes, Calvert Island, Hakai, Surf
Bald Eagle, Pilings, Port Alice
Bald Eagles, Crows, Unwelcome, Visitors, Tofino, Long Beach
Macrocystis, Seaweed, West Beach, Calvert Island
Ocean Spray, Port Alice, Inlet, Quatsino, Port Alice

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"Slice of the Cove"   16" x 48"   $625