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Side Bay, Brooks Peninsula
Walkon Island, Sea View Point, Trail , Salal, Port Alice
Nestled, Macrocystis, Kelp, Side Bay
King Fisher, Piling, Islands, Port Alice
Mount Wolfenden, Evening Grosbeak, Port Alice, Vine Maple
Gooding Cove, West Coast, Driftwood
Sticks, Stones, Walkon Island, Port Alice, Fiord
Bull Kelp, Tangled Up In Blue, Pilings, Port Alice
San Josef, Sea Stacks, Beach
Side Bay, Northern Vancouver Island, Port Alice
Kelp Beds, Kelp encrusted, Side Bay, Low tide
Barnacles, Acorn Barnacles, San Josef
Side Bay, Beach, Driftwood, Creek, Brook, Side Bay
Alice in Twains, Reflections, Islands, Port Alice
Maple leaves, Port Alice
Mud slide, Sea Monster, Dinosaur, Port Alice, Mists, Pilings
Port Alice
Fireweed, Port Alice, Fiord, Inlet
Kelp beds, Side Bay, Brooks Peninsula, Driftwood
Walkon Island, Sea View Point, Port Alice, Fiord
Quatsino, Port Alice, Pilings
Oyster catchers, Gooding Cove, Beach
Drake Iland, Derelict, Boat, Montaro, Quatsino, Port Alice
Sailboats, Port Alice
Second Beach, Calvert Island, Hakai, Winter
Pollicipes, Calvert Island, Hakai, Surf
Driftwood, Beach, Calvert Island, Hakai
Seventh Beach, Calvert Island, Macrocystis, Hakai, Cliffs, Sand
Craggy, Surf Channel, Calvert Island, Hakai
Calvert Island, Second Beach, Surf
Mists, Full Moon, Nightmist
Wet Coast, Calvert Island, Hakai
Bald Eagle, Pilings, Port Alice
Macrocystis, Seaweed, West Beach, Calvert Island
Thistle, Port Alice, Fiord
Ocean Spray, Port Alice, Inlet, Quatsino, Port Alice
Calvert Island, Hakai, West Beach
Driftwood, Long Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island
Bald Eagles, Crows, Unwelcome, Visitors, Tofino, Long Beach
Beach, Medusa, North Coast Trail
Trident, Forest, Tofino, Florencia Bay, Long Beach, Vancouver Island
"Little Huston Cave Park"
Telegraph Cove, Boardwalk, Vancouver Island
Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island

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"Long Beach"  16" x 12"  $150