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Radiolarian, Palais, Calvert Island
String Theory, Raft Cove
Sword Ferns, Port Alice, Sunset, Frigon Islets
Surf Scoter, Dock, Ripples
Sea Cave, Side Bay, Rocks
Yarrow, Port Hardy, Estuary
Mother Ocean 2_2x.jpg
Laminaria, Tofino, Surf, Tide pools, Long Beach
Shuttleworth, Bight, Waves, Filtered Light
Macrocystis, Beach Wrap, Tangled, Seaweed
Climate Change Denial, bubbles
Lone Tree, Drake Island, Zonation
Humpback whale
Littoral Splash.jpg
Home of the Fisher King@3x.jpg
Bora Bora@3x.jpg
Shield Maiden@3x.jpg
Hauntingly Familiar@3x.jpg
Estuary, Port Hardy
October Night_2x.jpg
Valhalla Voyage@3x.jpg
Furtive Fen_2x.jpg

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"Sea Cave"   36" x 18"  $750