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Paintings that have been donated or gifted

Walkon Island, Port Alice, Sea View Point
Port Alice, Frigon Islets, Sunset, Pilings, Blue Mountains
End of the World
Brook's Peninsula, Vancouver Island, Side Bay
Maples on Mist
Hardy Bay
Limestone, Beach,
Otter near Cliff Point
Harvey's Cove, West Coast
Lichen Tree
Pebble Beach
Beaver Pond
Saxe Point #1
Amherst Beach #2
Tide pools, Slate, Uplifting, Tectonics, Side Bay, Brook's Peninsula, Low Tide
Fibonacci, Calvert Island
Alice Lake
Littoral Splash
Three Whales
Vine Maples, Islet, Fiord, Port Alice
Port Alice Orb Side B
Port Alice Orb Side A
Undersea Bauble
Undersea Bauble Side B
Cabbbage Field
Saxe Point #2
Sandhill Creek
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